He'd Die to Be Famous

“What would Jesus tweet?” “Oops, did I just click send?” “I’m going to pretend I didn’t see your nipple-piercing video.” Those lines are from FWD: Life Gone Viral, a play that examines life, death, and the Internet. The idea came when someone sent Charlie Varon the YouTube sensation “The Last Lecture.” It's a video of a professor with terminal cancer talking about his imminent death. It moved Varon – but it also made him want to laugh. He found the idea of millions of strangers watching the end of someone’s life on their smartphones bizarre. “It’s like out of all the equations that have been done until now, we’ve added the YouTube equation: I’m dying plus I have something to say equals Maybe the whole world should see this,” Varon said. He has done numerous solo shows with David Ford, who directs this one as well, including Rabbi Sam and Rush Limbaugh in Night School. This time he shares the stage with Jeri Lynn Cohen, a founding member of the Word by Word theater company. Cohen, a cancer survivor herself, plays an oncologist who tells Varon’s character that he has been misdiagnosed, and he doesn’t have cancer after all. He is delighted ... but also disappointed he’ll miss out on the chance to compete with “The Last Lecture.”
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