Seeing Stars

It doesn’t take a long walk through many San Francisco neighborhoods to see just how many of our residents live on the streets. Despite the efforts of multiple people and groups, it’s a problem that never seems to get any better. Yet we continue to try. One group that has met with success is the Community Housing Partnership. For 22 years it has helped about 2,000 people per year — which is nearly the current population of Treasure Island — with housing, job training, and employment assistance to get them off the streets for good. The group does something else remarkable — it recognizes creative talent among its clients and pairs them with established artists and entertainers. The result is tonight’s benefit, A Night with the Stars. The performers’ enthusiasm is proof that the group’s mission statement extends beyond putting roofs over heads. “It’s not just putting the shelter on, it’s changing the mind — and the self image,” said emcee and KTVU Morning News co-host Dave Clark at last year’s event. (Clark emcees again this year.) Those who pay extra will have the opportunity to meet some of the professional performers and other guests, including former Mayor Willie Brown, Alonzo King of Lines Ballet, and jazz vocalist Clairdee. A homeless busker told us once that he plays Civic Center BART Station because it has better acoustics than the others. We know that the Herbst Theater has some good acoustics too.
Wed., April 25, 2012

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