You Say "Dead End," We Say "Cul-de-Sac"

Fifteen years ago, people advocating things like learning to grow your own food, scaling back living spaces, and drastically limiting financial obligations were the same ones shouting about imminent U.N.-backed invasions led by black helicopters. (Most of them lived in Idaho and drove Hummers.) Fifteen years later, unemployment refuses to budge, home foreclosure is rampant, and global warming is a much hotter issue. Politicians, meanwhile, scream at each other rather than working together on anything. Are we headed for a gigantic fall? And even if we can avoid it, will our leaders have the cojonesto find the right path? Tonight you can ask Chris Martenson in Crash Course. We don’t know whether Martenson lives in Idaho or drives a Hummer, but we do know he was an executive at Pfizer and has advanced degrees in science and business. Closely following the “Three E’s” of economy, energy, and environment, he decided to aim for a more simple and sustainable life, which includes a smaller house, raising chickens, home-schooling his kids, and looking after his own financial investments. Why? He says the Three E’s are on course to collide, and if we don’t prevent that, things will change drastically for the worse. Yeah, yeah, we know, people have predicted the end of civilization since the beginning of civilization. Is Martenson just another guy trying to make a buck off our gullibility? We can’t say. But in the free market of ideas, considering the way things are going, his are worth considering.
Tue., April 24, 6 p.m., 2012

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