3 Kings of House

There's no denying the physical dexterity and narrative genius that seems to flow from the masters of New York-style house DJing. If you've never experienced it, here's your chance to catch three of that city's unrivalled best on a soundsystem straight from the heyday of house. Louie Vega is one half of Masters of Work, the era-defining production outfit responsible for such anthems as "The Ha Dance," "Deep Inside," and "I Can't Get No Sleep." Next up is Tony Humphries, who's an East Coast legend in his own right. Humphries was a radio DJ on the influential 98.7 Kiss FM (check out this three deck mix from 1993), and held a storied residency at Zanzibar, Newark's answer to the Paradise Garage. There he would play an instrumental role in promoting the "Jersey Sound," a form of garage house that's steeped in gospel. Last but not least is David Morales, a man who at one time was considered the highest-paid remixer of all time. A DJ who's played at The Loft, The Paradise Garage, Sound Factory, The Red Zone, and just about every other notable New York venue, to say that Morales is a big figure in dance would be a real understatement. Get a feel for his style by listening to these remixes: Bjork's "Hyperballad," De La Soul's "Saturdays," and Black Sheep's "Strobelight Honey." Also, check out this mix of Morales DJing live at Red Zone in 1990. Particularly relevant considering the three of them will "tag all night long playing ONLY '90s house music!"
Sat., April 28, 9 p.m., 2012

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