If These Streets Could Talk

We love mysteries — deep down we harbor a passion to join Scooby Doo and his gang to discover the truth. Now we have the chance with a game that covers much of the Mission District and employs detective skills and navigational ability. It starts with a mural painted by the indigenous Miwok tribe on the back of a Mission Dolores wall. The mural was unearthed and revitalized in recent years, but its meaning is still largely unknown. Were the Miwok converts to Christianity? Or were they warning others of what was to come? It’s time to button up those bell-bottoms, put on that baggy sweater, and satisfy our hunger for adventure with The Mi’-wok Prophecy. This five-hour event sees participants grouped into small teams armed with an informational packet containing puzzles, riddles, and a map of the playing area. Using these tools, players visit coffeeshops, bars, and other Mission District sites that contain clues to the historical significance of the area. Attendees collect “secret items” and deliver them to a “Ceremony of Consumption” where the prophecy is finally revealed. The secret items also serve as ingredients to a potion that all get to enjoy — unless they’re under 21, in which case virgin samples will be provided. Everyone is encouraged to join; however, children are asked to be accompanied by an adult.
Sun., April 29, 1 p.m., 2012

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