Little People, Big Minds

In the early ’90s Kevin Bacon put on a dazzling performance in Tremors, a film about mutant worms and trailer parks. As children, we played a game in which, side by side with Kevin Bacon, we would destroy the underground monsters and bring peace to the world. Each kid carried out the appointed duties with great seriousness — for us it was not only a game, it was making Mr. Bacon proud and protecting mom and dad from harm. Whether it’s starring in Tremors or claiming the principal is a sea monster, one thing is for sure — children are capable of creating outlandish and spectacular worlds. Aiming to illustrate this potential while building literacy skills with inner city kids, StageWrite presents Short Plays by Short People: Rotten Lunches & Bubblegum Punches. These are works written by fifth graders from Starr King Elementary School and performed by professional actors and musicians. The narratives are bound to be as strange and wonderful as our own childhood obsession with Kevin Bacon, and your chance to get back inside your grade-school mentality. It’s probably a lot weirder than you remember.
Fri., May 11, 7 p.m., 2012

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