'Others Day

Before there was the Lilith Fair, there was Lilith, a women’s theater collective based in San Francisco led by Terry Baum. The 2011 mayoral candidate and infamous pope offender wryly calls herself a “slightly world-renowned lesbian playwright” for her 39-year body of work. Her current project is a welcome addition to the staid Mother’s Day holiday, particularly for nontraditional families. It’s “Crackpot Crones Presents MOMS! Sketch Comedy & Improv for Anyone Who’s Ever Been or Had a Mother.” In it Baum teams up with Lilith compatriot and longtime collaborator Carolyn Myers (who co-wrote a play with Baum that horrified the Vatican) to parse out the humor in the extremes of the mother-child relationship. This happens to include the not-always-hilarious dynamic of just what happens when daughters stop being polite and grow up to love other people’s daughters. The candy, the flowers, and the restaurant — they’re all clichéd gestures of one of the most mainstream holidays in the country. Here’s to Baum and Myers for offering something different.
May 12-13, 2012

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