Come Down Off High Fashion

Vogueeditor Anna Wintour says negative projections on the fashion world come from people who feel frightened or excluded by a spectacular lifestyle. Wintour might be right. High fashion is generally reserved for the wealthy and privileged. But with the rise of fashion blogs and street photographers, everyday fashionistas with excellent taste are finally being given the acknowledgment they deserve. These bloggers with DIY attitudes have not only made the fashion world a more accessible place, they offer alternatives to expensive brand name clothing. Jenni Radosevich is among those leading this movement, publishing I Spy DIY Style: Find Fashion You Love and Do It Yourself, a comprehensive guide that includes dozens of fashion projects, tips, and styling advice. The ideas in the book are clever and practical, including color-blocking boots, making bracelets from wire, and mastering the art of ombré dying. Today Radosevich brings us I Spy DIY: DIY Jewelry on a Budget, an opportunity to test some of the book’s projects. The workshop includes learning how to make feathered earrings, friendship bracelets, and tribal style necklaces. Bloggers and photographers like Radosevich have set the stage; now it’s time to bring the DIY movement to the catwalk, and join the fashion revolution.
Sun., May 20, 2 p.m., 2012

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