It's the Economy, Stupid

New York Times columnist and Princeton professor Paul Krugman has spent a couple of decades integrating old industrial economic theories into the developing international environment. In 2008, that work earned him a Nobel Prize to add to his collection of honors. He usually identifies most with liberal thinkers, but he isn’t a huge fan of President Obama — he supported Hillary Clinton in ’08, as did California (but not San Francisco). The sometimes cynical Krugman isn’t afraid to put words such as “depression” into newsprint when talking about the world economy (but he suggests avoiding words such as “collapse”). One of those words is even in the title of his new book, which he discusses tonight, End This Depression Now! Nor is he afraid to take on anyone — be they local or world leaders, senators, or other economists. He says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has been vocal about acting responsibly in canceling a rail project between New Jersey and New York, might “actually be the least responsible governor the state has ever had.” He takes the entire continent of Europe to task in another column after more fiscal austerity measures were passed in Frankfurt and Berlin, a move Krugman says is contributing to the European Union’s “economic suicide.” He says that, “not to mince words, [it’s] just insane.”
Tue., May 22, 6 p.m., 2012

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