Pretty in Pink (and Crimson)

For most of us insecure (that is, normal) adolescents, Prom Night meant Prom Nightmare. A minefield of potential humiliation, it began weeks in advance with the dreaded question of who to ask (or be asked by), involved a significant cash outlay, and culminated with a cheesy evening salvaged by a few laughs and a deep kiss. This litany of awkwardness is heaven on a stick compared to the tortures endured by the “hero” of the 2009 Australian horror flick The Loved Ones. Brent (played by Xavier Samuel) has a girlfriend, so he understandably declines the dance invitation extended by Lola (Robin McLeavy). The demented gal isn’t particularly understanding, however, and with the help of her equally f’d-up father grabs the lad and torments him with a succession of increasingly gruesome and painful rituals. The twisted teenage wasteland of The Loved Ones served as a bloody late-night morsel at the San Francisco International Film Festival two years ago, and is resurrected by co-presenter Peaches Christ with a twist: Prizes will be awarded for the “finest gore-couture prom wear.” Dress to kill.
Sat., June 2, midnight, 2012

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