True Blue

Nancy Pelosi is our blue-state hero. The current minority leader in the House of Representatives was the highest-ranking woman in U.S. political history when she was named speaker in 2007. Prior to that she served as the Democratic whip. Pelosi, who appears today to celebrate 25 years in Congress, has been called one of the most powerful and prolific women in politics by friends and foes alike. First elected in 1987 during the Reagan administration, she made her way through the cutthroat world of American politics to become one of President Obama’s closest allies, helping him execute some of his key first-term goals, including the health care reform bill. Pelosi comes from a political background: Her father was mayor of Baltimore for 12 years after representing the city for five terms in Congress, and her brother held the Baltimore mayor’s office for one term some years later. Pelosi, who seeks re-election to Congress and will be on the June ballot, speaks on stage today with Gloria Duffy, CEO and president of the Commonwealth Club of California. She reflects on her quarter century in politics and what we Californians can look forward to on the federal stage.
Tue., May 29, 11 a.m., 2012

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