Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


Spiritualized brought its psychedelic assault to the Fillmore, and some fans couldn't quite take it: One person passed out, a couple got into a nasty fight near the bar, and one lady hiding out in the bathroom just really, really wanted to go home. The band's set was short on words, but big on visuals. Jason Pierce and his bandmates sounded amazing.

Still Flyin' released On a Bedroom Wall, one of our favorite indie-pop records of the year. The S.F. outfit started as a joke reggae band, but eventually began taking itself seriously. You should, too: Gorgeous songs like "Spirits" and "Travelin' Man" update '80s pop with postmillennial malaise.

• The Warriors want to move to a new arena in S.F. — and that means the city would finally have a large-scale concert venue to rival Oracle and HP Pavilion. If the $500 million plan goes through, seeing Lady Gaga or Radiohead may no longer mean a drive or a BART ride. But building an arena over the bay on Piers 30-32 does seem a bit crazy, doesn't it?


Kreayshawn dropped "Breakfast (Syrup)," the first single off her upcoming debut album. The song is no "Gucci Gucci," but the video offers a few flashes of (unintentional?) hilarity: Whipped cream fights, Kreayshawn's bunny slippers, dumb lines that rhyme "shit" with "shit," and a bunch of silly faces from the lead female. We just hope her album is better.

Mark Lanegan played a dimly lit and gloomy set at Great American that, although beautiful, failed to hold our attention. The sultry and rocking moments we loved, but the unchanging pace and near-total darkness left us a little sleepy by the end — and not in a good way.

• Hey artists, a few tips for getting through airport security: Don't be a diva, leave your drugs at home, remember that weapons are for terrorists, and violent behavior won't help anyone. Seems obvious, but then rapper 2 Chainz just got arrested for bringing brass knuckles to LaGuardia — and he's the latest in a line of offenders that includes Paul McCartney, Snoop Dogg, Diana Ross, and Harry Connick Jr.

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