Revel in the Pre-Postmodern

For rubberneckers who nearly run off the road at the sight of a Streamline trailer, or folks who dream of Napier, New Zealand, because it was flattened by an earthquake and rebuilt during art deco’s glory days, the joys of the San Francisco Modernism Show will come as no surprise. For the rest of us, it might be something of a revelation but, if you have ever wandered through a design show at a modern art museum and felt a bit queasy in the presence of 1970s macramé or driftwood coffee tables, you know that the evolution of style speaks to our cultural history as deeply as any piece of art. While the decadent flourishes of art nouveau and the clean elegance of midcentury modern are worthy of pure aesthetic admiration, a show like this allows you to admire, romanticize, and fondle. More than 200 dealers of vintage wares (1910-1970) nestle between exhibitioners, artists, and educators. A runway show of Gatsby-inspired fashion complements a lecture on the high art of picnicking. Lectures on remodeling period homes give fresh perspective to a display of Dianne Ayers textiles, which hearken back to the Arts & Crafts era that countered industrialism in 1910 and gave rise to the great California bungalow. Join the time-slip and discover history in flatware.
June 9-10, 2012

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