For now, Southpaw has a monopoly on barbecue in its neighborhood, and if the packed bar is any indication, it's already won over many local merrymakers. However, with Hi-Lo, the forthcoming Southern spot from the Maverick/Hog & Rocks team opening a mere two blocks away, Hussey needs to continue hammering out the remaining kinks, and fast.

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I'm not from Kansas city but I agree, that place stunk!! Definitely had dry ribs which is a huge BBQ place no-no. I miss Leone's BBQ on Sloat, across from the zoo. I grew up going there with my mom and brother, that's real BBQ with fatty delish flavors and no fancy metal trays or fake "smokers."

Just sayin
Just sayin

Ugh. I'm from Kansas City and this is just another example of SF's lack of BBQ joints and taste. This place was terrible. The ribs were dry and the rub was about equal in proportion to the amount of meat on the beef ribs. The sauce lacked flavor and was watery. The only good thing I had here was the brussels sprouts w/ bacon and, really, how could you get that wrong.

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