Murder, She Wrote

Incarcerated convicts are often portrayed as ruthless, like the buff guys on The History Channel's Gangland, with aliases, face tats, and the casual use of creepy prison slang like “keister stash.” But Nancy Mullane's new book, Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption, takes a different, more sociological approach to our nation's correctional facilities and the inmates who call them home. The book follows the compelling story of five men -- some of whom will be present tonight -- convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Mullane, an award-winning journalist who reports and produces feature stories for NPR, guides us on their hard-fought journey as they seek forgiveness, freedom, and a new lease on life from the governor, parole boards, and a society hesitant to forgive. After spending decades behind bars at San Quentin, one of the most notorious prisons in the nation, Don Cronk, Eddie Ramirez, Philip Seiler, Jesse Reed, and Richard Rael find that getting out of prison is only the first of many difficult steps to rebuilding their lives. The national book launch also coincides with the premiere of a video by Gabe Maxson, documenting the first meeting of the five men outside of prison, and the unveiling of Elisabeth Fall’s life-sized documentary photographs.
Tue., June 26, 6 p.m., 2012

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