Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


• We celebrated Pride weekend at the legendary daytime pool party thrown by Juanita More!, which was packed with good vibes and music from the Stay Gold DJs. One highlight was the Cougar Cadet Corps drumline, an Alameda youth group. Moving over to nearby Jones for the evening, the dancing continued with sets from New York DJ Kim Ann Foxman and others. There was plenty to be proud of!

• Despite understandable skepticism, New Edition actually did reunite with original member Bobby Brown at Oracle Arena on Saturday. The group led a sing-and-dance-off that had a thrilled crowd reliving New Edition's '80s heyday. The outfits were slick — and Brown even donned a Giants cap at one point, maybe not knowing he was in A's territory.

• Legendary composer Phillip Glass told us about the one-off concert he and Joanna Newsom are putting on to benefit the Henry Miller Memorial Library, which has to make expensive repairs to avoid closing. In a lengthy conversation, Glass praised Newsom's versatility, and reiterated his opposition to being labeled a minimalist.


• Police say a Bay Area man who used to be Pearl Jam's financial manager ripped the band off for about $380,000, using the money for personal plane trips, hotel stays, and fine wine. Rickey Charles Goodrich didn't respond to the allegations, but he'll be arraigned this week in Seattle.

• A right-wing blogger has forced us to support British boy band One Direction: Debbie Schlussel claims that tweets from the band's sole Muslim member indicate that the whole project is a plot to indoctrinate American youth, "pimping Islam on your kids." Bland pop music is one thing, but sheer lunacy is far worse.

• About that NPR intern and college radio DJ who said she's only bought 15 CDs in her lifetime: We've all downloaded a little, but buy the stuff you like when you can. If you have a little money, and you like certain music, you should support the people who make it. The benefits of physical ownership go way beyond moral satisfaction.

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