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Just Like Mom Used to Make
Artisanal foods cost more, which may mean eating less: Artisan food is fine-tuning the taste satisfaction of a familiar food, by picking in season after meticulous cultivation, and then producing only the very best for consumption ["The Artisanal Irony," Hanna Raskin, feature, 6/27]. Yes, it is expensive, which may be an excellent cure for America's gluttonous eating habits.


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What about a factory farm?: The issue is that "artisan" is a meaningless term. An artisan is someone who makes things. Unless something came from a fully automated system (factory, 3-D printer), it was made by someone. Therefore, every product is technically artisan(al).

Scott Finkelstein

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Artisan is just another meaningless label: "Artisanal" is the new "farm fresh," "homemade," "gourmet." That is, it's another meaningless label the marketing folks plaster on everything to make them stand out from the other products.


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Going Green
Sustainable on the outside, broken on the inside: Good article and sadly so true, San Francisco wants to be green but it's very challenging ["A Green Façade," John Upton, Sucka Free City, 6/20]. If San Francisco-owned buildings had clean fresh air intake vents, this would make the buildings healthier for their occupants and allow all systems to work more efficiently.


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Blog Comments of the Week
Urine is the natural smell of public transportation: Honestly? This is a really unprofessional post ["Muni Logos We'd Like to See (PIX!)," Joe Eskenazi, the Snitch, 6/25]. Does the writer know of any city where the public transportation system doesn't break down? Doesn't move slowly? Doesn't smell like urine? Let's also not forget how historic S.F.'s Muni system is.

K Evanstoni

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We don't want Chinese money: A very bad idea ["Chinese State Money Slotted for San Francisco Development Projects," Laura Rena Murray, the Snitch, 6/26]. This ludicrous plan is not good for Treasure Island or anywhere else on this planet. San Francisco has an obligation to its residents and should not pander to someone's wild schemes.


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And we don't want the Chinese breed to win again: For some reason it doesn't seem fair that another Chinese Crested pup wins the coveted Ugly Dog Contest ["Mugly Is Crowned World's Ugliest Pooch," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 6/25]. Chinese Crested dogs are ringers, because they are bred to be unusual-looking. Next time a nice mongrel mix would be preferred.


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