Christmas in July

The proudly (or perversely) named San Francisco Frozen Film Festival -- a reference to Mark Twain’s apocryphal one-liner, not the summertime allure of dark, cool cinemas -- aspires in part to fill a void left by the long-gone Film Arts Festival and only partially addressed by our various independent and underground fests. The SFFFF has the lofty goal of creating a hub, and an incubator, for Bay Area filmmakers to forge connections as well as to cross-fertilize with visiting filmmakers. To that end, the festival opens Thursday night, not with movies, but with a hob-nobbing mixer. The next two days bring a flurry of flicks, highlighted by programs of short documentaries, animated shorts, and (drum roll, please) the Best Youth Films of 2012 (11 a.m. Saturday). Non-filmmakers will find plenty to chill their drinks, notably Jeffrey Durkin’s Working Class (4:40 p.m. Saturday), an idea-rich doc that depicts the environments and philosophies of tattoo artists and longtime friends Mike Giant of S.F. and Mike Maxwell of San Diego. Not outré enough for you? Then stick around for the festival closer, Donkey Love (10:30 p.m. Saturday), about the purportedly acceptable phenomenon of Colombian men having sex with asses. Ice cube, anyone?
Fri., July 13; Sat., July 14, 2012

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