Congress won't take up the matter until after the election, and what might happen remains unclear. There might be an attempt to resurrect SOPA, perhaps with some modifications to appease critics. Or there could be an attempt to reconcile SOPA with OPEN or something like it.

Cartoonist Matthew Inman examined these issues at
Courtesy of
Cartoonist Matthew Inman examined these issues at
Reddit's Alexis Ohanian believes the best ideas prevail on the Internet.
C.S. Muncy
Reddit's Alexis Ohanian believes the best ideas prevail on the Internet.

Ohanian tends to think not about what should be done to fight piracy but what shouldn't. If Congress comes up with another SOPA, he and his allies are likely to oppose just as stridently. Whatever his response is, though, he promises it won't be him or any other "leader" calling the shots. "There is no leader," says the man Forbes magazine recently dubbed "The Mayor of the Internet." Decisions about how to react against Big Media's overreach "come from the bottom up," he says. "Ultimately, the power lies with the people — I have to believe that."

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Those sites offering pirated material are at the root of the problem as much as they are at the margin.


Piracy is good for the companies if used correctly. instead of insisting on taking money for a product make it available for free, and link to a support site inside the product or beside it. doing it this way people will if they like it support it. it's this simple I will not pay for a product that is bad. how can I in advance know if it's bad ? only way is to try it, if it's above mediocre I will go pay the original title of that product. if it's mediocre or below I wouldn't had bought it anyway so no money lost for the industry there anyway. just saying something have been downloaded X amount of times is equal to X amount of loss is seriously the worst way to talk about how much the companies have lost. if it's dowloaded 10 times and it's a fairly good product most likely 4-5 of those 10 downloads will go out and buy it afterwards thus not loosing the money for that 4 or 5 downloads, then out of the rest most likely there are 2-3 persons that doesn't like it thus they would never had bought it anyway. so what is the loss then that 3-4 persons out of 10 doesn't pay for something they liked so for real it would be about 30-40% loss but out of those there would probably be some telling others how good this product is and thereby getting others to look at it and again more to buy it, so the real loss is more likely to be around maybe 10-20% of what the companies could had gotten if everyone was legal and had some moral. now we know that is not how the world is there will always be some criminals and a loss of 10-20% isn't that different from any other products out there that aren't artistics. because criminals will go to the black market and sell there stuff. the laws as they are now is flawed they Prevent development and does not protect the consumer as they should. we need new laws in the copyrights area, with a focus on protecting Consumers and Encurageing Development. software, technoligy, music, video and etc. industry needs to stop trying to controle the market and accept that others will produce something that might be better. what is the answer to a better product in competition it is to make a even better product. not suing that company for maybe breaking a patent. in fact patents shouldn't be in the new copyright laws once something is made it's to the market first and as long as it is being developed to be best there will be costumers. Stop assumeing that what is best for the companies is best for development and the consumer.

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