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Too Many Spiders
Spider-Man is too young for a remake: How many times are they going to remake this franchise ["The Amazing Spider-Man: The Spider Becomes a Man — and a Joy," Chris Packham, 7/4]? It's less than a decade old for heaven's sake!

Melvin Dean Baker

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Blog Comments of the Week
Journalists need to watch their backs, and their stuff: News agencies should heed the warning and not send lone reporters to cover Oakland news ["Another Journalist Robbed at Gunpoint in Oakland," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 7/3]. Hopefully Oakland residents will demand that Mayor Jean Quan and the Oakland Police Department take corrective action to stop assaults on people who are simply doing their jobs.


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Editing the track to suit specific listener's likes: Speaking of the Bible, "There is nothing new under the sun" (Ecclesiastes 1:9). I don't look to songs for "new insights," but for vessels to hold my own thoughts and feelings while I listen ["Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem": Trying to Work 'Outside,' with Nothing New to Say," Andrew Stout, All Shook Down, 7/3]. Some of Lana's tracks do that nicely. I edited "National Anthem" together with an instrumental version so that lyrics play only in the chorus. Now it suits my needs much better.

Andro ang Christopher

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Learning any further information about cannabis is caught in legal loop: As long as cannabis remains taboo in a fair percentage of states, and as long as the federal government keeps hiding behind incredibly exaggerated facts, outdated information, and lies, it will remain impossible to ever get an accurate study of the users or the effects of marijuana ["Pot Use Is 'Double' in States Where Medical Marijuana Is Legal," Chris Roberts, the Snitch, 6/29].

Gregory A. Peterson

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Reader grateful for coverage of story: Thanks for providing the link to the donation website for this girl's medical care. I just made a donation and encourage anyone who can, to help out Mary Kristene Chapa and her family ["Mary Kristene Chapa, Texas Lesbian Shot in Head, Regains Consciousness," Erin Sherbert, 7/2]. Sherbert's coverage of this horrific story and her provision of the link are truly a public service. Thank you.


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Bieber fan sticks up for the Believe album: What an unhappy review by a truly unhappy camper ["Justin Bieber's Believe: A First Listen," Dan Weiss, All Shook Down, 7/3]. Justin Bieber is 18 and is writing and singing for a teenage audience. He is perhaps the only one doing so, which is what makes his music so valuable. Hopefully he will carry his sensitive, light touch into his 20s and 30s, and not turn into the cynical old prune that wrote this review. I am 71 years old and have followed pop music forever, and Believe is very good — far better than the dance club rot that dominates at the present time. Believe captures the teenage experience, which is probably why it is a worldwide success.

Peter M

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