Beat It

Since the advent of Napster, or perhaps even as far back as the Moog, music practitioners at odds with technology have been too busy racing innovation that they forget that music is also a hands-on experience. Return to the glory days of tactile tunesmithing with the 11th Annual Outsound New Music Summit, a celebration of the sensory side of music making and its place in the industry’s tech-fused future. Outsound showcases the city’s cutting-edge musical scenes, styles, and artists. Alongside the experimental old guard -- Gen-X favorites like synth and electro-acoustic -- sit new and unusual compositions and unconventional performance art. This year’s summit hones in on the marriage of touch and tech with a night of modern percussion ensembles, debut performances by local composers, a free harmolodics workshop, and a jazz-inspired free-for-all. Outsound is steampunk for your ears. Take the time to see how these small bands of tech ruffians are pioneering adventurous new musical terrain.
July 15-21, 7 p.m., 2012

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