For most people, prayer and meditation, even in a group setting, is a singular and solitary experience, and public confession would be nigh unthinkable, but that is exactly what artist Victor Cartagena invites us to do with Confesiones y Hostias. Step up to the microphone, declare a sin over the loudspeaker, and win a communion host. Taken seriously, one might expect a lot of dead air but, as the audio installation Radio With Sin Us suggests, divulgence in the era of reality TV is hardly spectacular, even if it pushes your buttons. Both pieces can be investigated at "Sin and Redemption," a large exhibition that asks local artists in all mediums to contemplate spiritual rites, religious history, and sacred symbols. Here, among others, desert temple builder David Best creates an altar and invites people to leave notes about their loss and longing to be burnt along with the structure later this year; Donald and Era Farnsworth tackle the hidden meaning of geometry in their large tapestry Mythos 5; and opera’s favorite photographer John Martin interprets Stravinsky’s morality tale The Rake’s Progress. Art has often been likened to a mirror for the soul, prepare to get an eyeful.
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Aug. 7. Continues through Aug. 23, 2012

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