Soviet Bloc Party

A long while back, we profiled young Moscow-born comic Vladimir Khlynin, pegging him as "the hardest-working angry young Russian comic in town." Eight years later, his hit-or-miss, drunk, resentful Safeway employee shtick has sharpened up into a wonderfully sardonic act capable of carrying a show. Khlynin serves as the producer of A Lot in Communism – a stand-up show featuring himself and two other Soviet-born comics, Daniel Kinno and Anna Seregina, handling their Russian-American upbringings and everyday life in America with charming cynicism. Never had the privilege of sharing the table with a few Ruski grandfathers, vodka, and some kishke? Think obscenity, politics, and sex wrapped up in the irony of the Russian language, with that sense of humor ever-present in these three comics' cross-cultural experiences. As Khlynin put it, "Say you have one analogy, and you have another analogy, it's like an analogy, you know what I mean?" Kinno's been featured on MTV, The Gameshow Network, and The WB, and Seregina's entertained audiences at SF Sketchfest and SXSW. But success hasn't tainted that Soviet spirit -- all three comics deliver material dry, drunk, and fatalist as ever.
Wed., Aug. 1, 8 p.m., 2012

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