Found in Translation

Seeing one of the heavy hitters in the world of translation, Margaret Jull Costa, discuss her work with Nobel Prize-winning novelist Jose Saramago isn’t something language lovers should miss. Scott Esposito at the Center for the Art of Translation, the organization bringing Costa to town, says having the British translator here in California is a rare event. Costa, who has 25 years of experience and has worked with some of the biggest writers out of Spain and Portugal, talks about translating Saramago, author of All the Names, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, and Blindness(made into a movie starring Julianne Moore). Saramago is known for his ornate style -- long sentences, with lots of clauses and shifts in perspective. There are a lot of big thoughts in the Portuguese writer’s book, but they are plot driven and easy to read, with a nice combination of the political and the philosophical. Come hear how Costa deals with fantastical themes, Saramago's abandonment of all proper nouns in one novel, and how to translate a pun or a parable.
Mon., Aug. 13, 7 p.m., 2012

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