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It's not just the music, but the people that make a piano bar successful: Loved the article on Martuni's ["Changing Keys," Joe Eskenazi, feature, 7/25]. It is a very special place indeed, not just for the music, but the people. There's something about song that brings together folks who might not otherwise hang out. I'll never forget the day Joseph Magdalena found my husband, Slimm Buick, and I singing at The Alley, the only remaining piano bar in Oakland. He puts on a great show, and if he hadn't visited us there, we'd have never found out about Martuni's. Thanks for the great article. Time to plan a night of song in the city!

Justine tenZeldam


Killer Play
Theatergoer sees a different performance: A very well written synopsis of the story of Sweeney Todd ["The Most Tepid Pies in London," Lily Janiak, Stage, 7/25]. Perhaps the author here prefers her writing style to the style of this show presented at Ray of Light. Perhaps the critic here is not accustomed to intimate theatre settings. I was moved to tears by the vulnerability of Sweeney, Mrs. Lovett, and the other players. The execution of the music by the orchestra and the cast is tight and well-balanced (not mentioned by this critic). I appreciate the critic's retelling of one of Sondheim's masterpieces, yet wish she would've taken the time to actually report on the theatrical experience.


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Un-American Bohemians
Rich Republican camping trip is wrong: It's unfortunate that many California residents have forgotten the reason why Americans like my father, uncles, brothers, and husband served in the military ["Midsummer Night's Plutocracy," Beth Winegarner, Sucka Free City, 7/25]. They believed in truth, justice, and the American Way. The Bohemian Grove is the antithesis of every single one of these principles. Kudos to the Bohemian Grove Action Network, and for believing that America belongs to Americans.


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Blog Comments of the Week
Reader doesn't agree with plan to pay for reassignment surgery: This makes about as much sense as San Francisco residents paying for boob jobs ["Supervisor Wiener Wants Healthy SF to Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery," Jeff Sandstoe, the Snitch, 7/24].


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Expressing a different sentiment: We at the TLC are thrilled with this news. Transgender Law Center and Lyon-Martin Health Services have been working hard to move the city to remove these unnecessary exclusions.


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Marijuana activists clash with President Obama: How many more lies can people put up with? Obama says one thing and does another, not because he had a change of heart, but because big business is making sure its monopolies are protected by the oldest trick in the book: campaign donations ["Obama's Oakland Visit: Marijuana Lovers Promise to Be There," Chris Robert, the Snitch, 7/20]. People need to get serious about electing someone who really wants to fix the country.


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