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In June, a 700-year old “vampire” skeleton was found entombed in a Bulgarian church near the Black Sea. It had been stabbed through the chest with an iron rod and had its teeth yanked -- a practice connected to the belief that spillers of blood could rise from the dead to feed on the living. Such a news item would be enough to launch 1,000 pages for any of the authors in today’s conversation, "Walkers, Watchers, Witches, Immortals, and More." Stacey Jay, Carolyn Jewel, Kat Richardson, and Veronica Wolff are mistresses of paranormal fiction with a penchant for strong female heroines. Jay created a sassy 15-year-old Zombie Settler who provides counseling to the undead, and followed Juliet beyond the shadow of death to fight her turncoat Romeo. Jewel invented a world of moral vagaries where vanilla humans move ignorantly between demonkind and magekind. Richardson serialized her “greywalker” PI, who has the dubious skill set necessary to take angry ghosts, witches, and vampires as clients. And Wolff likes to send her favorite ass-kicking ingénue to the North Sea where she can be trained as an elite vampire sidekick. All of these women know how to weave historic fact, emotional realism, and fantastic creatures into tales that leave young readers champing at the bit.
Sun., Aug. 19, 3 p.m., 2012

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