As comics grow in popularity, so grows the medium’s diversity. Yet comics have always been open to every background. There have been Jewish, Latino, Asian, and African-American comics creators from the very beginning. (One theory on why: Given prevailing racial attitudes in the 1930s and 1940s, comics simply weren’t taken seriously, allowing their creators to operate with unusual freedom, and in near anonymity.) Now, with the medium more diverse than mainstream Hollywood or the Top 40 charts, the Latino Comics Expo presents Noche de Latinas — an evening with three leading Bay Area Latina comics creators: Gabrielle Gamboa (Miss Lonelyhearts), Crystal Gonzales (In the Dark), and Liz Mayorga (Spunky Cat Comix), as well as one from Los Angeles, Grasiela Rodriguez (Spadra, Lunatic Fringe). Together, they will discuss their habits as creators — spanning their work in comics, zines, and web animation — as well as the specific inspirations and challenges they have faced as independent creators. This event is presented in conjunction with “La Raza Comica: A Celebration of the Latino-American Experience in the Comic Arts,” on view through Sept. 30.
Thu., Aug. 23, 7 p.m., 2012

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