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All the world might be a stage, but it's the temporary proscenium on the fourth floor of SFMOMA that you want to watch right now. On the occasion of its current "Stage Presence" exhibition, the museum has transformed a gallery that is customarily devoted to media arts into a live performance space. Local artist Tucker Nichols provides both the suitably dramatic wallpaper inside and the painted signboard outside that announces who's up next in the impressive roster of artists/performers. So far audiences have gasped as Shana Moulton dumped birdseed over her head after coating her face with peanut butter. They've thrilled to Margaret Tedesco's live narration of a '60s horror film only she could see, and there was many a double-take as Anne McGuire sang along with a sassy video doppelganger of herself. The next installment of awesome is presented courtesy of Los Angeles co-ed trio My Barbarian as they leap onto the stage with Broke People's Baroque Peoples' Theater, a cheeky take on our country's ongoing financial woes in general and the plight of the arts in particular. Don't worry, this isn't dry economic theory. My Barbarian present their points in a campy song-cycle rather than in a pie chart, looking to movements of the past to gently poke fun at the present. Also count on multiple costume changes and a smidgen of audience participation. It's a chance to see performance art at its most theatrical.
Thu., Aug. 16, 7:30 p.m., 2012

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