Step It Up

The Dance Films Association has been around since the mid-’50s, but most of us didn’t even know a “dance film” genre existed until Wim Wenders won an Oscar nomination for Pina. Detour Dance’s first movie, an eight-minute short titled Drift, easily took first place among 30 non-dance-related entries at the Barbary Coast Film Festival; the humor, talent, and easy chemistry of its dancers are irresistible. As they hitchhike through the countryside, they inch along the blacktop like worms, hurl themselves at white picket fences, and pause to watch a chicken cross the road. This is a titillating glimpse at what this company does best: transforming the everyday into the exceptional. In their latest movie, Pedestrian Crossing, sleeping on a park bench, riding Muni, and waiting at a crosswalk become “catalysts for choreography.” Pedestrian Crossing premiers tonight, during “Along the Way,” a collaborative evening between Detour Dance and the Caitlin Elliott Dance Collective. The latter, noted for its Bausch-like embrace of eccentric characters, snippets of song, and speech, presents a jocular catfight between ladies who lunch called Fancy, and Detour Dance draws psychosexual dynamics out of a teapot and a chair in Imitations of Intimacy.
Aug. 24-26, 8 p.m., 2012

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