Street Beats

It’s been half a decade since Two Gallants released their most recent album, What the Toll Tells, but the duo’s drummer Tyson Vogel hasn’t spent the hiatus drinking Mai Tais on a tropical beach. Instead, he’s retrenched in San Francisco and expanded his artistic scope considerably. In addition to releasing the solo record Devotionals, Vogel is composing a series of sound installations during his bi-yearly residency at Ever Gold Gallery. “The Looming Symphonies: Your Streets Are My Song,” the fourth installment in the residency series, is borne from the ambient sound textures of the Tenderloin. Vogel’s fascinated with the physicality of the city’s resonances, the palpable role sound takes in defining the urban environment. “The Looming Symphonies” orchestrates the clatter, noise, and hollering of the Tenderloin -- all the sounds we try to drown out with earbuds as we go about our days. By conjuring music from the din, Vogel reconnects city denizens with the rich tapestry of sound permeating the urban environment.
Fri., Aug. 17, 6 p.m.; Sun., Aug. 19, 2012

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