Girls Gone Musical

Apparently, Joe Francis (the lovely fellow behind the Girls Gone Wild franchise) thinks he has a monopoly on drunk girls who like to take their tops off. Earlier this year the, uh, entrepreneur attempted to prevent Madonna from performing her track "Girls Gone Wild" at the Super Bowl (She didn't, no confirmation on whether it was related to the threat). This summer Francis's company (Path Media Holdings, LLC) sent AutoNeurotic Productions, (whose founders are affiliated with Mortified and The Freeze), a cease and desist letter regarding its production of Spring Break the Musical for the use of "Girls Gone" in its original title. Nonetheless, Spring Break is about the Faustian allure of reality TV fame. A not-so-wild sorority sister finds herself in a sea of tequila-fueled temptation in this musical about the rich, cultural pilgrimage that is spring break! Where else might a nice girl turn naughty but south of the border? (Laguna Beach Cancun episode, anyone?) Though the musical claims to be a parody about "the America teenager's obsession with raunchy reality TV culture," one might also go into the show merely asking, "Does she or doesn't she?" in this tribute to the '90s cultural phenomenon.
Thursdays-Saturdays. Starts: Sept. 1. Continues through Sept. 15, 2012

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