How to Speak Republican: Decoding the GOP

Next week, the Republican Party will convene in Tampa to plot world domination. And you're feeling left out.

Yes, you badly want in on the ground floor of the next culture war or invasion of a small, preferably Muslim country. Yet the GOP speaks an elusive language only its followers understand. With just a few coded words, it's able to mobilize the loyalists — while simultaneously dismissing everyone else as un-American and quite possibly queer.

Yet a recently leaked glossary lays bare the mystery of the Republican tongue. Now you too can speak with the superiority of talk radio hosts and pissed-off old guys who live in mobile home parks on the outskirts of Jacksonville, Fla. Enjoy your seat at the right hand of God!

Abortion: Reproductive issue best decided by preachers from rural Georgia who believe babies are conceived by using public restrooms.

American: True patriot who hates all the right things, including but not exclusive to: taxes, unbreaded chicken, California, female sportscasters, the Toyota Prius, people who speak Mexican, BET, free-range vegetables, public radio, Al Sharpton, and whales.

Apologizing: The treasonous admission that America is not always perfect. Usually committed by people who can't even match their cowboy boots to their firearms.

Bain Capital: Massachusetts investment firm celebrated for providing investors with huge returns by laying off thousands of workers, cutting healthcare benefits, and shipping jobs to those places where foreigners live. Will serve as the model for U.S. economic recovery once the infidel is smited.

Barack Hussein Obama: Muslim foreigner illegally elected president to pursue the socialist agenda of Karl Marx, regarded as the least funny brother of the famed comedic troupe.

Bible: Historical novel starring omnipotent being who sentences others to eternal damnation unless they do what he says. Think of Pat Robertson, only with a hillbilly beard and the ability to part seas.

Chick-fil-A: Baptist version of eating kosher. Only sells chickens that have provided a documented history of heterosexuality to a commission of small-town Chamber of Commerce officials.

Christian: GOP delegate who's devoted his life to Jesus, handguns, and repealing the Clean Water Act. Will be doing missionary work at Tampa gentlemen's clubs next week. At least, that's what he'll tell his wife when the MasterCard bill arrives.

Christian Persecution: When the school board bars a teacher from conducting faith healing sessions in his seventh grade biology class.

Class Warfare: Indefensible act of pitting America against the wealthy; perfectly reasonable when mocking moms on welfare.

College: American Maoist reeducation camp, where liberal professors encourage impressionable youth to enjoy critical thinking, Jäger shots, and recreational intercourse.

Constitutional Conservatism: Belief that our founding document should be strictly interpreted — even though it was written by guys who wore wigs and culottes, but were definitely not transvestites, since that hadn't even been invented yet.

Corporation: Most evolved species of mammal. Designated by Supreme Court as the legal equivalent to people, only better, because they can afford to buy congressmen and box seats to the Texas Rangers.

Entitlement Society: Large corporations who demand public subsidies every time they build a facility, move their headquarters, or threaten to relocate to Botswana or Mississippi. Wait. No. Scratch that.

Environment: Convenient place to dump car batteries and kitchen appliances. While lamestream media insists on its preservation, studies by the business faculty at Liberty University business faculty prove that beavers actually like swimming in hydrochloric acid because it improves their skin tone.

Evolution: Fraudulent theory that man evolved from ape. Have you ever seen an ape with jugs like Jessica Simpson's?

Feminazis: Ingrate women who use the word "Ewwww!" when Rush Limbaugh tries to buy them a Sex on the Beach at hotel bars in Boca Raton.

Food Stamp President: Did we mention that Obama's a negro? And that he's probably a Muslim?

Founding Fathers: Early visionaries who built a start-up country to escape the tyranny of England. Based on the theory that we could do our own tyranny more cost-effectively.

Free Market: Utopian world where corporations are allowed to conduct business without interference from price-fixing, consumer protection, or child labor laws.

Global Warming: Theory shared by 99 percent of the world's scientists that man-made pollution is warming the Earth's atmosphere. Easily discredited by pointing to that one day in February when it was pretty cold.

Gotcha Journalism: Shameful media practice pioneered by Katie Couric in which she used duplicitous interview tactics — often called "questions" — to get vice presidential candidates to admit they can't read.

Homosexual Agenda: Conspiracy co-chaired by Satan and Neil Patrick Harris to convince America's youth to quit football and pursue careers as botanists and defense lawyers.

Illegals: American slang for "Mexican." Also: Anyone skilled in the operation of a leaf-blower.

Jesus: Celebrated deity who preached that "the poor should get a damned job already" and that all human suffering could be averted by simply lowering the capital gains tax.

Jews: The guys who killed Christ. Occasionally have the audacity to apply for membership to your country club, despite genetic deficiencies and an inadequate short game.

Job Creators: People who pay half the tax rate you do because God likes them way better. Deserving of further deductions because the gardener is asking for $4.25 an hour and Sundays off.

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A missing definition...


'So-Called' Christians:

Usually hiding behind the names "Episcopal," "Methodist," and "Congregationalist," So-Called Christians focus on un-American aspects of the Bible such as compassion, love, redemption, forgiveness, and peace, instead of wrath, vengeance and selected parts of Leviticus, like Real Christians.  So-Called Christians are generally dupes for the Homosexual Agenda.

If a local church has organized Communist programs such as a soup kitchen for the poor, a clothing drive, drug counseling services (for free), or has a congregation whose members don't wear ties or dresses on Sunday, they probably aren't Real Christians.  

Inspect the property for zoning violations to have them shut down, if possible.


Addendum: Both the Episcopal church and the Catholics refuse to recognize Saint Reagan.


Republicans are the masters of 'doublespeak' the dubious language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words.

They have Romeny whose values are defined by the dollar symbol, and Ryan who believes only his mother deserves Medicare.

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