Stalking Christopher Walken

The 2012 S.F. Fringe Festival is kicking into gear, and no fewer than 29 of its 40 shows are playing today. This afternoon you can catch magician-storyteller Michael Belitsos’ solo show The Movies of My Mind, which includes a tasty Theremin performance. But the real magic happens this evening in the form of Christopher Walken, whose enduring appeal comes from a natural intensity that makes everything he does seem fresh and unusual; for example, Fatboy Slim’s 2001 video “Weapon of Choice” still gets passed around on the strength of “OMG Christopher Walken is dancing!,” even though he's been dancing in movies since 1981’s Pennies from Heaven. This long history of hoofing informs actor-director Gabriel Grilli’s dance theatre piece Stalking Christopher Walken, originally workshopped in the 2002 NY Fringe Festival. The revamped Stalking uses dance to explore the architecture of Walken’s psyche, his public persona versus his private self, and -- inspired by the re-opening of the Natalie Wood death case last year -- a new emphasis on how Walken, who was on the boat the night Wood drowned, may be haunted by the memory. But it’s funny too! And Grilli does a terrific Walken, which is probably as close as we’re going to get to the man himself dancing about that fateful night -- but then again, with Christopher Walken, you can never be too sure.
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