Sensual Bodies

Long before Fifty Shades of Grey made it kosher to read BDSM lit on BART, Anne Rice wrote her own best-selling erotica trilogy. Based on the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, Rice’s version of the story begins with Beauty awakened from her sleep by a sexual encounter and proceeds into three books’ worth of explicit scenarios from there. The first novel, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, was published in 1983 under the pen name A.N. Roquelaure, seven years after Interview with the Vampire created a cultural sensation. The trilogy sold like hotcakes, but never before has a dance company attempted Rice’s reworking. Jamie Ray Wright’s DanceWright Project makes Beautythe centerpiece of the program for its 2012 season, using contemporary movement to express the sensuality and darker themes of the story. Rice has defended her novels against allegations of pornography, standing her feminist ground that women can write whatever they damn well please, and DanceWright focuses on that aspect as well. This premiere also features music by Renee Baker of the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, a group known for defying convention itself. Although the other pieces on the program are not quite so racy, this would probably be a good evening to leave the kids at home.
Sat., Sept. 15, 8 p.m., 2012

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