Trash Talk

Despite periodic efforts, hipster boxing has never become a lasting trend. Part of the reason is that pain doesn’t give a crap about your layer of irony. Also, those big gloves make underdeveloped biceps look pubescent. Fortunately, even we still have the real thing from time to time. Tonight it’s intercollegiate and intramural fights at USF IX Hilltop Cup Boxing Invitational. That means you get to see around 15 bouts’ worth of students from more than 20 colleges around the country punching one another — even students from the University of Florida, who are exactly the sort of kids you want to see get punched. Also Georgetown; who doesn’t want to see a kid from Georgetown get punched? Or from UCLA, the University of Michigan, Texas Southern University, or St. Mary’s? We’re counting on U.C. Davis doing a lot of the best punching; the students must be so angry that they have to live in Davis. But we worry about the boxers from poor U.C. Berkeley: Did you have to get a permission slip from the city council to fight? Now, have we made everyone extremely mad at us? Even you, sad, ineffectual Tennessee State? Good; let’s take that anger into the ring and put on a good show.
Fri., Sept. 14, 6 p.m., 2012

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