The festival and the benefit show on Sept. 27 will highlight the fact that rock, classical, Latin, and pop musicians are all part of the same large circle of colleagues. Partnering with non-classical musicians emphasizes the cross-fertilization that has long existed among musicians, but is seen less often among audiences.

"My intention is to draw a wide-ranging audience," Premawardhana says. "When I moved to San Francisco, I noticed a lot of diversity in terms of the different [music] scenes, and everything was strong, high-quality stuff. There are a lot of good musicians in the city. But going to shows, I noticed that the scenes were very segregated. The punk crowd goes to punk shows. The jazz crowd goes to jazz shows. But if you do a show with different kinds of music, you get a more diverse audience in the same venue. For me, it doesn't matter what kind of music it is, as long as good musicians are playing it."

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It would be so great if the habitues of Revolution Cafe would shut their mouths while the musicians play. So great.

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