New Life For Old Garbage

In tough times, artists might find themselves digging through the trash for supplies. The participants in Recology's Artist in Residence program, however, do so quite purposefully. Every four months Recology grants a new trio of creatives free access to 47 acres of other peoples' trash and then lets them go nuts with whatever they find in there. The current crop have their work on display in the Recology Artist in Residence Exhibitions, and if you don't yet have "art at the dump" crossed off your San Francisco bucket list, now's your chance. Amy Wilson Faville has expanded on her previous work in which she painted the informal dumping sites that pop up where she lives in Oakland by creating a series of collages made from the very materials they depict. "Mattress Canyon" includes patterns cut from the mattresses themselves and gives some sense of grandeur to the objects as they sit waiting to be recycled. Fellow Artist in Residence Tamara Albaitis works with sound, so for part of her installation "Dwell" she has turned a huge number of discarded speaker cones and piles of wire into a very physical sonic experience. Meanwhile California College of the Arts grad student Calder Yates displays videos and sculptures he created using everyday objects found at the dump, and the resulting pieces are simultaneously humorous and ominous. It will all make you think twice about what you throw away.
Sept. 21-22, 2012

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