Secret Agent Man

Poet, journalist, and critic Luis Francia’s work usually breathes slowly through the politics of Filipino nationalism, often as creative nonfiction that’s more wrapped up in personal identity. In Eye of the Fish: A Personal Archipelago, he says, “Out of love, and even out of self-preservation, I hold my Manila in its niche, in my own peculiar history, a city no less tangible than that encountered in the real world, a Manila also of the imagination,” admitting a complex understanding of a city he characterizes once with “sex with prepubescents in the afternoons, and salvagings at night.” In his two-act play and world premiere, The Strange Case of Citizen de la Cruz, Francia has a sharper edge. We watch the docile protagonist with a sexual dysfunction find the sexual and the savage in himself as he evolves into a risk-taking government agent. Francia takes a less sentimental approach in presenting a satire that deals with the radical nationalism permeating Philippine politics.
Thursdays-Sundays; Oct. 19-20. Starts: Sept. 29. Continues through Oct. 13, 2012

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