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Another Boom
Oil fracking also puts the environment at risk: Great cover story, but there's more to fracking than natural gas ["Boom or Doom," Denise Grollmus, feature, 9/19]. Oil fracking is starting to blow up here in California, but state officials don't regulate or even track fracking. There are an estimated 15 billion barrels of frackable oil in the Monterey Shale, which lies beneath some of the most beautiful wilderness and most productive farmland in America. Our air, our water, and our wildlife — it's all at risk if people don't stop California's oil fracking boom in its tracks.

Patrick Sullivan

Blog Comments of the Week
Safety at Burning Man is everyone's responsibility: The spirit of Burning Man is collective responsibility, not that the Burning Man organization needs to provide services for the attendees ["The Dark Side of Burning Man: Rape on the Playa," Vanessa L. Pinto, the Exhibitionist, 9/19]. If services are needed, the burner community should find a way to provide them for itself. First of all, doing a better job of looking out for friends to protect them from harm, and doing a better job holding fellow burners to a high moral standard. (I'm sure this guy [the suspect] knew someone out there; where were these people to keep him in check?) Second, if supplies and/or expertise are missing in the medical tents, perhaps burners should fundraise and recruit from the community to fill the gaps.


Not everyone is a fan of Kreayshawn: I am still trying to figure out how someone like her got a major deal ["Kreayshawn's Somethin 'Bout Kreay: A First Listen," Dan Weiss, All Shook Down, 9/20]. What a waste of money. What's happening to the record industry? Are they losing it?


Supervisor Wiener has jumped the aisle: Scott Wiener is turning into a huge disappointment ["Supervisor Scott Wiener Says Drawing Attention to Your Cock in Public Is Obnoxious," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 9/14]. His voting record is so conservative that I think of him now as the new Dianne Feinstein — a Democrat in name only. He should stop making controversies where they don't really exist just so he can erode personal freedoms in order to promote his political career.


Castro nudists are a threat to the GLBT movement: This issue has greater importance than accusations of prudery or cheap jokes ["Naked Protesters? Where Is Supervisor Scott Wiener When We Need Him?" Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 9/9]. Does a small group of people have the right to enter a neighborhood (the Castro) in which they do not live and dictate behavior, especially when they would not behave the same way in their own neighborhoods? If a person asks a community that is offended and repulsed by something to just ignore members' feelings, will that same community just ignore residents' feelings of disgust when, say, gay-bashers enter that community and dictate behavior? I am a gay man living in the Castro; give me a hardware store, grocery store, library. I want my old neighborhood back. Every day there is less diversity in my neighborhood and just more naked, old, fat guys coming in from further and further away. If they succeed in turning the Castro into a year-round Folsom Street Fair, then the GLBT movement is over. These guys are not nudists: They are exhibitionists and I want them gone!


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"As a authorized San Francisco voter, I individually will not assistance any politician that tries to reverse what we the voters did in the voting sales space. This occurrence is sad but it does not increase the the stage of household misuse. This situation was tried in the judge of legal action which breached Police Mirkarimi's right to a reasonable and quick test. Guidance was the most that should have come out of this. I wish the authorized voters in SF will come together and create sure that our speech is observed for every one of them who doesn't take a position up for what's right."


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