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Franchised Gang
S.F. has fair share of other drug-connected gangs: Well, there are the Norteños and Sureños, both major franchises, so this article seems kind of inaccurate ["Crip-Less," Albert Samaha, Sucka Free City, 9/26]. We only want certain gangs, kind of like we have Safeway, Subway, and Radio Shack, but we don't have Wal-Mart — yet.


Samaha responds: Nowhere does the story claim or suggest that the city has no branches of other big, national "franchise" gangs. This story was about Crips and, to a lesser extent, Bloods. I'm not sure what FlippyPimpstein is calling "inaccurate" other than, maybe, our obviously tongue-and-cheek headline.

Collecting Ghouls and Guitars
Not just a musician, but a collector too: Hella interesting ["Keeping Death," Alee Karim, Music, 9/26]. There's always a tendency to reduce "celebrities" to what they're best known for — Oh, Kirk Hammett? He's just the guitarist for Metallica — without realizing that this entire other (and pretty awesome) narrative is just hanging out there untold. Nice interview.


Blog Comments of the Week
No signs of economic slowdown in the Mission: Someone would never know there's a slow economy when walking down Valencia Street ["An Inside Look at New Mission Live Venue the Chapel," Byard Duncan, All Shook Down, 9/25]. There are new restaurants, new housing, and now a new music venue. Incredible.


Resident is tired of all the nudists hanging out in the Castro: There is a time and place for public nudity — nudist beaches, nudist colonies, nudist events (where it's expected) or in the privacy of one's own yard ["Castro Theatre Manager Freaks Out Public Nudists, Journalist (Video)," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 9/24]. This display of their "shortcomings" in public spaces, where there are sometimes children present, is unacceptable. I am a gay man, and I find this disgusting and in no way a representation of the community. It has made me start avoiding the area, and avoiding taking visitors to the area, which means loss of revenue for businesses. It has nothing to do with "tolerance." These nudist activists are no different than groups like the Westboro Baptist church, who try to force their beliefs on everyone else, which feels like more an assault. They should be arrested.


Another resident feels the neighborhood has larger problems: I'm more concerned with the homeless camped out at Castro Station throwing garbage all over, every day. Anyone want to take a stab at managing that situation?


Protesters need to find respectable reasons to protest: What the hell is wrong with people ["Cop Shoots Man, Protesters Vandalize Mission Police Station," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 9/21]? Of all the wrongs someone could protest, non-fatally taking down a gang member who points a gun at an officer seems like a bad choice.



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