No Glove, No Love

Call us throwbacks, but we like our burlesque traditional. It's not that we necessarily mind a striptease to Florence and the Machine's "Girl with One Eye" performed by a gal wearing a demon mask and blood-stained nightie, or that we aren't titillated by a political, yet sultry reenactment of the BP oil spill in the Gulf (both acts we've seen in S.F. this year), but nothing gets our goat quite like a lady who can captivate an audience for two solid minutes simply by removing her silk glove. Thankfully, the powerhouses behind Fishnet Follies have the act down pat; they've been performing classic burlesque revues for years now, and run schools in both S.F. and L.A. that teach would-be vixens how to shake their moneymakers. Tonight's show, Wild Women, features tireless teases from all across California, and include Valentina, the "Vaklyrie of burlesque" Vienna La Rouge, La Chica Boom, "bite-sized burlesque sensation" Mynx D'Meanor, and headliner Jewel of Denial, who was crowned one of the Top 50 Industry Figures in 21st Century Burlesque magazine and who worked in Margaret Cho’s "Sensuous Woman" tour. Hosted by Suzanne Ramsey aka Kitten on the Keys, Wild Women is sure to get your feather boas all tied in a knot.
Fri., Oct. 19, 10:30 p.m., 2012

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