Boys and Ghouls

Is it us or is Halloween getting scarier? Sure, the holiday is ripe for spooky stories, corn mazes, and haunted houses; but so-called family activities seem to be getting more ghoulish with each passing year — chainsaws, decapitation, and gore (oh my!). San Francisco always bursts with things to do and places to go on Halloween, but for some parents, finding a safe, fun, and kid-friendly place to celebrate the holiday is a real fright. The solution: Ready your costumes and unfurl those candy bags for J-town’s family-friendly Spooktacular Halloween Party & Trick or Treat. This exciting annual haunt features child-ready games, activities, prizes, and more. A hands-on craft corner gives attendees an opportunity to decorate mini pumpkins and treat bags. This year’s event also boasts face-painting, removable tattoos, a bounce house, and a mall-wide trick-or-treat. (Children in costume are invited to visit participating retailers for candy and other surprises.) The J-town celebration is not only good old-fashioned fun, but is sure to be a real howl for kids, dads, and mummies alike.
Sun., Oct. 28, noon, 2012

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