Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


• At the Treasure Island Music Festival, bands competed with sparkling weather and sweeping views for the crowd's attention. We loved Grimes' freaky beats, the full-frontal assault of Ty Segall, Public Enemy's thundering social consciousness, and the sleek rhythms of M83. And that Sunday sunset was incredible.

• Local rappers Antwon and Main Attrakionz headlined a punk show at 924 Gilman, bringing together a bunch of different crowds for a peaceful and fun night. The hulking Antwon brought a fearless, sweat-dripping energy to his set that was probably the punkest performance of all.

Public Enemy rocked Treasure Island.
Christopher Victorio
Public Enemy rocked Treasure Island.
Do the Smashing Pumpkins make Corgan sad, too?
Christopher Victorio
Do the Smashing Pumpkins make Corgan sad, too?

• Oh, SF MusicTech Summit. We tolerate your schmoozing, enjoy your predictions, and are fascinated by your explorations into digital-era arcana. But what we really love is when all your tech people start swearing at each other.


The Smashing Pumpkins — or, Billy Corgan and his band of whippersnappers — gave an S.F. crowd a very large helping of the band's so-so new album, Oceania. But they didn't get to any old songs until the encore — and that was clearly what most of the veteran fans wanted.

• And here's Chris Webby with the worst new song of the week, "Wait a Minute," in which he compares all women (unfavorably) to his mother, and collaborator Kid Ink tries his best money-grubbing Mitt Romney impression. Ugh.

• After 14 million ad-filled YouTube views, how much money do you think the Dead Kennedys should've received from the site's revenue-sharing program? Guitarist East Bay Ray says the group has only seen a few hundred dollars — and no explanatory math. That seems off to us.

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