Fancy Feat

You might not associate clowns with rappers, but Australia-born hip-hop puppeteer Jesse Horne of Circadelix does. An admitted problem child, Horne found writing rhymes an antidote to his ADHD, and turned his inability to sit still into a successful career as a street performer. His clowning and juggling skills took him on a grand adventure that included performances for royalty in Abu Dhabi, the World Expo in Shanghai, and eventually the San Francisco Circus Center, where he met and fell in love with classically trained ballet dancer and aerialist Simone Lazar. Circus life wasn’t all red noses and cartwheels for the couple when Lazar was contracted with Cirque Polynesia in Hawaii, though, and they were separated for most of a year. Spending so much time apart inspired them to create a show together, and “Twisted Beats and Circus Feats” was born. The show’s soundtrack includes classical piano, homemade hip-hop beats, and the Geto Boys, and fuses aerial hoop, juggling, and grumpy puppets to tell the tale of a deranged clown madly in love with a wind-up ballerina. When you see the couple together, it makes perfect sense.
Tue., Nov. 6, 8 p.m., 2012

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