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Anyone who has ever begrudgingly wedged themselves into the crowd at a communal table has no doubt cursed manage-ment and architect alike, but is it possible that eateries have loftier goals than maximizing head count? Join California Home+Design’s Erin Feher for Design and Eating as she grills three local architects on sustainability, culture, and commu-nity in Bay Area restaurant design. The glossy’s executive editor is joined by David Darling, the mastermind behind local favorites Bar Agricole and Wexlers, as well as Douglas Burnham and Robert Polacek. We have Burnham to thank for Delfina’s pizzerias and Domaine Chandon in Napa, but he spends much of his time at the California College of the Arts as an adjunct professor who lectures on craft and the urban condition. Polacek often waxes rhapsodic about design as a way to enable communities to gather and generate change in society, and names Dolores Park as a place to find him on most weekends. The panel marks the New York-based Culintro’s first foray in San Francisco, and the national restaurant organization prom-ises to be more than just big ideas: An open bar and light snacks follow the discussion, where speakers mingle with design enthusiasts and foodies.
Wed., Nov. 7, 6 p.m., 2012

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