You've Come a Long Way, Baby

The Rumpus, brainchild of local author Stephen Elliott, has always been a literary darling, publishing top-notch essays and interviews, incubating the Dear Sugar phenomenon, and single-handedly bringing written correspondences back en vogue with Letters in the Mail, where authors like Dave Eggers, Margaret Cho, and Jonathan Ames pen intimate notes to subscrib-ers. Now The Rumpus is hopping into even bigger britches with the making of its first feature film, Happy Baby, based on Elliott’s grim and affecting novel about growing up in the child welfare system. Since these are modern times we’re living in, The Rumpus is raising funds 2.0-style with a crowd-sourcing launch, Let’s Make a Movie, featuring readings from a porn star (Lorelei Lee) and punk rock self-help guru (Bucky Sinister), comedy by Caitlin Gill, emotive ballads by folk icon Jill Sobule of the original (and far superior) “I Kissed a Girl” track, a screening, a brief talk by Josh Bearman on how his Wired article became the movie Argo, and of course what night would be complete without yo-yo master Doc Pop tricking out our favorite childhood toy? San Francisco is a city that embraces our potential instead of our limitations. As Elliott described it, “San Francisco is this great drug and you sit on top of Bernal Heights and watch boats named ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Raw Ambi-tion’ and ‘Your Worst Self’ sail by so far off you can’t read the red paint on their hulls, and throw your head back and open your mouth in the shape of a cloud.” Come out tonight and raise a glass to dreaming.
Mon., Nov. 12, 6 p.m., 2012

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