Even his homely, radiant Lincoln has his moment of doubt. Hearing his own address coming as something like prayer from the mouths of soldiers who soon might die, he is stricken: How could a mortal ever live up to those words and their promise?

Like Spielberg, this Lincoln blinks. And then, like Spielberg, he sucks it up and gets on with his mighty business.

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I will see it.  I did not like SCHINDLER'S LIST because I thought it made the Holocaust sentimental.  SCHINDLER'S LIST still a great movie, but my preference for interpretation is still SOPHIE'S CHOICE,  both book and movie.  Any movie is never acceptable as an interpretation of reality.  The main function of the movie is to place the audience in the middle of the action--as if the action happened in the way depicted on the screen.  Actors on a stage performance, get up at the end, take a bow, and the audience lauds itself for good judgment in seeing such a theatrical performance.  Film intends another outlook.  Did it succeed in manipulating the audience by that piece of trickery that gets the audience into the midst of the action while keeping them distant from the action.  A whole different skill and expectation.


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