Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


• Once again, DJ Harvey showed a Public Works crowd how it's done. On Friday, he masterfully worked volume and EQ, ripping the music away and slamming it back in a thrilling demonstration of his skill. Running through house, techno, and even some classic rock, Harvey's set was multidimensional in a way that few can touch.

• We rounded up the Top 21 Bay Area metal albums of all time, weighing local contributions to the world of thrash metal, stoner metal, sludge metal, and even some bands you might not think of as proper metal (the Melvins!?)Check out the full list online.

• New site OMGig lets you see how concerts look for those poor jerks inclined to record every minute on their smartphones. Just grab any YouTube clip and ruin it with big hands, a small screen, and a blurry background. This is some socially responsible tech we can get behind.


• After 14 years of hosting hip-hop, house, and reggae/dancehall parties downtown, Club Six announced last week that it was closing immediately. We're sorry to see it go, but you can leave your memories on the club's Facebook page.

• So, this Snoop Lion thing is a joke, right? Judging from new single "La, La, La," it looks like Snoop Dogg is parodying his own mid-career crisis. But maybe Snoop figures that since no one makes money from record sales, it doesn't matter if he puts out a joke album.

Aerosmith released a sucky new album — but contrary to popular belief, Aerosmith is new to sucking. Music From Another Dimension! is this group's third comeback attempt, and shows Tyler and Perry aping their own old riffs and tropes, sounding better-produced but more tired than ever.

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