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High-Tech Battle
Article on patent wars grabs reader's eye: A good, and very interesting, article ["The New Cold War," Caleb Hannan, feature, 11/7]. And kudos to the illustrator; I really like that patent wars picture.


Blog Comments of the Week
Find a healthy medium in weight discussion: I've been saying for years that fat people are the last people someone is allowed to make fun of in this country ["Read Local: Discrimination Is Unacceptable — Unless You're Fat," Alexis Coe, the Exhibitionist, 11/14]. There should be a balance between encouraging others to eat healthier options and outright ridicule, ostracism, and assumption of a lesser status.


Nancy Pelosi didn't meet the job requirements: I think she's a great representative of San Francisco, but she hasn't been an effective Speaker of the House ["Nancy Pelosi Says She'll Keep Her House Leadership Role," Coburn Palmer, the Snitch, 11/14]. She wasn't effective with the majority, then she lost the majority, then she failed to regain the majority despite voters having a major swing back away from the right. It's time for some new leadership; alas, the House will keep doing what it's doing and hope for a different result.


Not everyone who visits Chick-fil-A supports it: It is very silly to believe that every single person there has the same agenda ["Chick-fil-A Opening Gives Disappointed Republicans Something to Celebrate," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 11/8]. I have been to seven different Chick-fil-A openings for one reason alone: free food. I am a college student that does not have enough money to splurge on fast food. So if I can camp out for one night and receive hundreds of dollars' worth of free food, I will do it in a heartbeat. And on top of that, I am taking money away from the company. I have not spent a single cent at Chick-fil-A and I have pulled over a thousand dollars from its pockets. It is always good to look at the factors that lead people to do something, not just what is in the news. Remember, only [Star Wars] siths deal in absolutes.



In "Savoring Cassava's Japanese Breakfast," [Eat, 11/7] Cassava Bakery + Cafe's address was incorrect. The restaurant's address is 3519 Balboa St. In "Market Places," [Eat, 11/14] one of 331 Cortland's vendors was misidentified as Spice Hunter. The correct name is Spice Hound. SF Weekly regrets the errors.


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