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Who Makes the Rules?
The judge is part of the issue: This is an excellent and important article ["Barred From Freedom," Albert Samaha, feature, 11/21]. Thanks for the work that went into this. I couldn't help notice that it was Judge Susan Breall who set the bail at $450,000, in effect sentencing a man not convicted of any crime to jail for months on end (10 months in this case) with scant reason to do so.

Judge Breall was also the judge who handed down the ruling that forced Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to move out of his home, and separated him from his family for months on end.


Blog Comments of the Week
Education should always come before sports: Too many educational sacrifices were made in the holy name of football. They should have done this [cut the football coach] before spending $312 million on a fancy stadium ["Jeff Tedford Is Gone and an Era Is Over," Joe Eskenazi, the Snitch, 11/20]. Coach Tedford will land on his feet somewhere, but the damage is already done to an outstanding state educational institution.


S.F. residents have vacation rentals to deal with: Now renters are competing with Airbnb temporary rentals, which need some attention ["How to Survive Renting in San Francisco: Five Rights to Know," Jamie McKenzie, the Exhibitionist, 11/19]. People can only hope that extra income is being reported, because S.F. needs the additional tax revenue.


No need to pick on the boy band's name: Really, come on now. Backstreet Boys, along with N'SYNC and New Kids on the Block, are some of my favorites, and their music stands the test of time ["Backstreet Boys Release Totally Unnecessary Christmas Single," Rae Alexandra, All Shook Down, 11/16]. What about the Beach Boys? They haven't changed their name in how many years? I mean, they are not known as the Beach Bums. If someone doesn't like them or their music, that's fine, but leave the song alone; I happen to like it, and the band's name.


It's okay to have a good time without ending up in the drunk tank: Why do some people believe the only way they can have a good time is to be drunk out of their minds ["Cops to Swarm Candlestick Park Looking for Drunks After 49ers Game," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 11/15]? There are actual people who never drink, don't get DUIs, but can find their cars in the morning minus the hangover. People should try it; they just might like it, and they won't have to worry about the police.


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